Autumn’s here

The final bank holiday before Christmas has now been and gone, and it really does feel like autumn now. The sun is still with us for the time being in England, but with a chill in the air (my favourite type of weather by the way).

Now, I know it’s been years since I’ve been in school, but I still see September as a time to reset, reflect and start a fresh, as if I was starting a new academic year.

I haven’t really posted in a while, well months actually. So much has happened since I was last here and even though over the past few months I have spent the majority of my time working from home, I have actually been even busier than normal. And when I say ‘normal’, I mean pre COVID. I think it’s time for me to start this back up again in some sort of capacity. Let’s see what the rest of 2020 has in store.

September Already?

Summer has absolutely flown by! I can’t quite believe that we are already heading into the last third of the year. Soon we’ll be back into jumpers and jeans weather. My favourite! You know when Christmas is just round the corner when you receive an email about an advent calendar launch. Crazy!

I’ve had so much fun over my birthday month. I don’t usually travel anywhere, I just like to relax and stay at home and enjoy the weird and wonderful UK weather. I got totally suckered in to the offers that shops/ brands put on when it’s your birthday. Let’s just say that it was a slightly spendy month and I made the most of the offers haha! Picked up a few new skincare and makeup bits. I also managed to catch up with lots of friends and ate and drank a lot!

Birthday food

I feel like this past year has been a slightly weird one for me. Everything around me is progressing and moving at 100 miles an hour and I’m stuck where time stood still. That’s definitely changing this year. I have big plans, BIG PLANS! Just need to crack on. I can’t wait!

I have definitely been enjoying spending more time with myself. Spending my days off exploring, finding little gems across London and eating lots, as well as taking a break from the city to go for walks around Richmond and Kew for some peace and quiet.

Chihuly Art

Chihuly Art

This year I’ve also caught the travel bug and want to visit so many places. First stop was New York and then Copenhagen, now Rome in a few weeks! So excited to plan a few more trips this year.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22”