Live Music – George Ezra and Sam Smith

I love going to gigs. I always have. I love playing and going to gigs. This week has been fun because I got tickets to see both George Ezra and Sam Smith.

The album Staying at Tamara’s was released two weeks ago and that’s pretty much the only album i’ve listened to since it was released. My favourite song off the record is the first song,  Pretty Shining People. It always makes me smile. Haha! “Hey pretty smiling people!”

George played at 02 Academy Brixton. It was my first time going to this venue and my first time hearing George Ezra play. The sold out gig was supported by Lily Moore, a singer/songwriter from Brighton. It’s always great to hear a new artist and be introduced to their work. It was great to see live wind and string instruments on stage, and a guitar change after almost every song that was played. Loved it!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on tickets to see Sam Smith back in September at the Hackney Round Chapel. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures but instead we got given a signed lyric poster of Too Good at Goodbyes. We got to hear brand new tracks that were about to be released on his album The Thrill Of It All, as well as some oldies too.

Sam played at The 02 Arena in Greenwich. I saw the first of four nights in London. He is such a great artist live. I loved the onstage band and the dramatic stage set. It really completed the show and I didn’t want it to end. We got to hear tracks from In The Lonely Hour and The Thrill Of It All, including Stay with Me, Writing’s On The Wall, Too Good At Goodbyes and Midnight Train.

I love going to see live music. It really brings tracks to life and I would probably say that I enjoy the music more after going to hear them live at a gig.

Gabrielle Aplin on Tour

Here is just a little throw back to three weeks ago when I went to see Gabrielle Aplin live at 02 Forum Kentish Town.

Whilst waiting for the gig to begin, I was refreshing my Twitter feed and saw that Lewis Watson would be playing. I was so chuffed. I’ve been listening to his work for a couple of years but didn’t manage to get tickets when he toured his album.


Hannah Grace was also one of Gabrielle’s support acts for the tour. I must say, I had heard the name before but have never listened to any of her work. My favourite track she played was ‘Keep Your Love’. I will definitely be listening to more of her work.


When Gabrielle’s album was first released last year, it was literally the only album I listened to for about a month. I love it. It is so different to English Rain, yet after listening to both albums back to back, the progression feels so natural. She has definitely stepped up a gear. My favourite track she played would have to be after her encore, where she stepped onto the piano and played Salvation.






I’ve Finished College!

It’s official! I’ve now finished college. I was lucky enough to spend two years with some great musicians and some amazing friends. If it wasn’t for the school, I would have never of had the opportunity to do things like play at The Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House, go on tour to Liverpool, be onstage with Sam Smith at Wembley Arena and perform original compositions at The National Portrait Gallery.

It was the Easter Saturday back in 2013 when I found out that I had been offered a place to study music at the school. I was away for the weekend at a conference and I saw a tweet from a person that I had met on the audition/ interview day. She had got in. I immediately sent a text to my Dad saying that I would call him as soon as I had some free time. I could not concentrate for the next couple of hours. I could feel the nerves building up and I was feeling a little shaky. After the group discussion time had finished, I rushed out of the room and made the call. Typical. Nobody picked up. It took a few more dials before he answered.

I asked if there had been any post and he said yes. He was actually a little confused as to how I knew that there could be something addressed to me. Anyway, quickly explained the story and instructed him to open the letter. I couldn’t wait any longer. I almost dropped my phone when he said that I had been offered a place at The BRIT School. I asked him to read out the whole letter to me and tears started streaming down my face. I got some pretty strange looks from people passing by, but I didn’t care. I was just so happy.

The first person I told about the good news was one of my friends. We had spent the previous evening having a pretty deep conversation about particular events that have happened over the years and the topic of this being my second application to the school had also cropped up. The night ended with us both laughing and crying uncontrollably.

After the call, I was in the foyer and saw that she was there. I called her name and said “I got in!!!!” In a matter of moments we were both having a good old hug and jumping for joy at the same time.

So many wonderful memories have been created at this place. My time there has now come to an end. Bring on the rest of my life!


*Photo taken by Phoebe Fox