My Trip to Copenhagen

Such a beautiful city

Why Copenhagen? Well, one cold weekend in February I suddenly thought, ‘I want to book my next holiday, I want to go to Copenhagen’. Within a couple of hours I had booked flights and found an apartment to stay at.  Everyone kept saying, ‘April?, it’s going to be quite cold’. They were right, it was freezing, with highs of 10ºC. Thankfully I packed a cosy hoodie. I spent quite some time planning where I wanted to go during my stay, and kept adding pins to my Google Map. I definitely learnt from my last trip to New York, where I literally did no planning whatsoever.

Google Pins

I opted to find a place to stay on Airbnb instead of trying to find a hotel because it was so much cheaper. I made sure that it was fairly central, because the last thing you want is to spend half of your trip travelling on public transport from one place to another. I stayed in Vesterbro which was only a 10 minute bus ride from the centre of Copenhagen. The transport system in Copenhagen is fast and efficient. It’s clean and not too noisy either. The majority of tourist sites are within walking distance from each other or you can jump on the metro for a few stops. At the airport I bought a City Pass which allows unlimited travel on buses, metro and trains in the specified zone. It was much simpler to buy a pass because the city is divided into multiple zones and it was far too complicated to work out how many zones I would be travelling between on any given day within the given time validity of the ticket.

View of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an incredibly expensive city. When explaining this to friends and family I always compare it to the price of a McDonalds haha! A meal basically costs almost double the price compared to back in the UK. I didn’t really do much shopping at all whilst I was out and about. But that didn’t stop me from doing a bit of window shopping. Paid a visit to Magasin which is a huge department store, very similar to a mix of Selfridges and John Lewis in the UK. Other places to visit would be Illum and the surrounding area for a couple of designer shops. One thing I did notice, was that there was distinct lack of tourist shops, where you would find all your mugs, postcards and other trinkets you would never normally need, but handy when you want to buy a little souvenir.

Places definitely worth paying a visit to are the Danish Design Museum(free for under 26s!), Nyhavn and The Christiansborg Palace Tower where you can see 360° views of Copenhagen, and all the way out to the Baltic Sea. What’s very handy is that if you fancy going to both the Amalienborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle, you can purchase a joint ticket for a cheaper price.

Christianborg Palace Tower

Rosenborg Castle

The Little Mermaid

Designmuseum Denmark

Sankt Peders Bageri is where you can find the best breakfast in town. You can find all sorts of baked goods and sweet treats, including their famous cinnamon snails which are only sold on a Wednesday. I pretty much went almost every day and even took some home with me. After a long morning of walking there is nothing better than to stop off at Torvehallerne Food Market for a quick bite to eat. There is so much choice from homemade pasta to Korean street food. You will definitely find something to satisfy your hunger.  My favourites for dinner were Ramen to Biiru and Sticks ‘n’ Sushi. Both of Asian origin, but what can I say, I was missing home food haha!

Sankt Peders Bageri

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

I had so much fun on my mini city break and can’t wait to plan my next one. I would 100% recommend travelling during a weekday if you can, because you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenery.


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