Another Year is Here

2019 is here already! That was quick wasn’t it? What did you get up to on your New Year’s Eve celebrations? I was actually pretty late leaving work, having done a full 12 hour shift on my feet. I was absolutely exhausted and ready to just go to bed. Family friends came over for dinner which is a sort of tradition for our group of friends. We play lots of games like Big 2 and Monopoly, eat lots of food and watch TV whilst we wait to watch the fireworks at midnight. I pretty much spent the whole of New Year’s Day catching up on sleep. I woke up to eat, then didn’t get up properly till 5pm. I’ve had very little time off during the Christmas break, so I definitely needed a day of rest.

I’ve actually spent most of my week clearing out my room. I have far too much stuff for a small room and clutter builds quite quickly. One thing I always try to have is a clean desk. Once it’s clear, I find it a lot easier to sort everything else out.

The start of a new year is a good point to re-evaluate what happened last year. The good, the bad, and everything in between. I have lots of goals and things that I would like to achieve in 2019. Some of which are slightly more personal, and the others are things like, I would like to teach myself how to code and travel abroad more this year. I loved visiting New York back in October. This year I definitely want to travel in and around Europe, as it’s not that far away and quite easy to plan long weekend trips. Essentially this year, I would like to spend more time on myself. Giving myself time to rest, learn new skills and experience new things.

Most people mention weight when a new year starts. Whether it is to gain to lose. Last year, mine fluctuated massively. My only real goal is to now maintain my current weight and continue training and being on my feet as much as possible. Even on New Year’s Day I had the sudden motivation at 23:55 to go on my cross trainer. Haha! That never happens. Long may it continue.

I’ve been a lot more productive ever since I’ve started writing things down. Notes on post-its, to do lists and mapping out my week. Seeing all my thoughts on paper really helps me to visualise what I actually need to do and when, instead of all my thoughts floating around my head. Then I am able to break tasks down in manageable chunks. This is how I manage to be productive with my time.


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Jodie Chan

A 20 something living and working in London

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