Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

I am such a big fan of Real Techniques brushes. My brush collection is mostly made up of RT brushes. I have far too many for the amount of make up I actually wear.

I saw the brushes featured in some beauty blogs I follow and really wanted to try one. The collection is currently exclusive to Boots in the UK and there are 7 brushes in the collection. I bought the arched powder brush – 100.

The bristles are incredibly soft and I really like the feel of the weighted brush when applying make up. It gives you more control over what you are doing and the white bristles are a useful indication as to how much product is on the brush, although it means that you definitely know when it is time to give your brushes a clean. I do prefer this brush compared with the 1401 powder brush because it is even softer. I normally use this brush for loose powders.

The brushes in the collection are currently priced between £10-£25, so they are at the higher end in terms of price on the high street. I would love to try out the other brushes in the collection, but I think for the time being I have far too many to work with at the moment.

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Jodie Chan

A 20 something living and working in London

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