Starting a New School

Starting a new school was always going to be a daunting experience to overcome in a very short space of time, but after completing my first term, I can safely say that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

When it comes to important decisions, I am the kind of person that will sit on the fence and rock back and forth without making a concrete decision. One day I would say yes and the next day I would probably say no. So if I get given a long time to decide on something, I would probably think about it and somehow train myself to say the complete opposite of how I first felt about it.

When I found out that I got a place at my current school, I was over the moon at first but once it had sunk in, I thought about what I was leaving behind. I continued to second guess my decisions. Was I being realistic about what I wanted to achieve at this new place? Was it really worth leaving academic education and moving into a more vocational environment instead?

It definitely hasn’t been easy but I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to be at a leading institution studying a subject I am passionate about.

The new term starts in a few days which basically means that my work increases dramatically compared to the introductory first term. Somehow, I need to find the motivation to do all the work straight away and organise my time more effectively and not continue with my horrible habit of working to the early hours of the morning, and barely staying awake during the day and then complaining about my lack of sleep even though it was entirely my fault.

I still have absolutely no idea about what I want to do after these two years of studying music. Lets see what the future holds!

Published by

Jodie Chan

A 20 something living and working in London

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